About Hoodskif's Creator

Hi I'm Robyn, I gained my Bachelor of Fashion Design here in New Zealand, and have had an interest in fashion and sewing since I was a little girl.
If you're like me you're not a fan of the cold, in winter especially I battle it by rugging up warm.I design and make a lot of my own clothes using merino wool for it's warmth and softness, while being lightweight. I've been making scarves for a while now to protect my neck from the bitter chill that New Zealand winds can bring, sourcing merino fabric from a local mill. I've got a fair few of them and wear them two at a time, intertwined and looped around my neck. They brought me a satisfaction of such warmth and comfort that I started making them as gifts for friends and family. I wanted to share the cozy.
One day I decided to have a crack at a loop scarf with a hood. I played around with a pattern, made a few, and distributed them for feedback. They passed the test up the mountain snowboarding as well as wearing about town. I was ready to share the cozy more.
Hoodskif are loop (infinity) scarves with hoods, handmade in New Zealand. They're made from 100% merino knit fabrics sourced locally. Wear your Hoodskif on its own or pair with a Hoodskif Loop Scarf for extra warmth. Wear your Hoodskif with a jacket, jersey or lighter layers, basically wear it with whatever you like - you'll always have a warm neck and a cool hood. Pull the hood up in the evening when the temperature drops, against a brisk wind, or to shelter from unexpected showers.
 The aim is simple, keeping you warm while looking good.