Merino is Great

Hoodskif Hoods and Loop Scarves are made from Merino Wool, a natural, renewable, biodegradable fibre, prized for it's warmth, breathability and softness.        

Merino wool is soft and lightweight

Merino wool is the finest of wools. The fineness of wool fibers is measured in microns, one micron is equal to one millionth of a metre. Wool fibers can range from 11-60 microns where the lower the micron the finer the wool, Merino is generally less than 24 microns. To put this into perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns. Unlike coarser, thicker wools, merino fibres bend and flex against your skin, meaning it's not scratchy, and because the micron is fine, merino is also lightweight.

When you take your Hoodskif off you can easily fold it up into a jacket pocket, backpack, handbag, wherever you need to carry it - I hear it fits pretty well into a ski jacket pocket.


Merino for Warmth and Breathability

Merino wool is renowned for being super warm. It has fantastic insulation capabilities, trapping air between the fibres. As merino fibres are so fine, there are lots of spaces for air to be trapped and keep you nice and toasty.
Merino can also keep you cool and comfortable when there's a rise in temperature, absorbing moisture against your skin and moving it through the fibers, and into the air outside.

Merino Wool is Odor Resistant

Instead of trapping perspiration next to your skin like synthetic fibres do, merino draws moisture away from the body keeping you dry. Merino also has antimicrobial properties which means it stops bacteria being trapped in the fibres, and next to your skin.

Merino fibres are covered in scales that perspiration loving bacteria cannot penetrate. With perspiration and bacteria kept away from your skin, body odor is greatly reduced and means you can wear your Hoodskif many times before it needs a wash. And when it does, it's machine washable (gentle cycle with wool detergent).